Azadeh Tavakoli is the founder and designer of Daireh jewelry brand based in Washington DC.

Daireh, which means circle in Farsi, is more than a brand name. The circle and its limitless possibilities also represent the brand's purpose. A jewelry brand foused on the feeling of empowerment for women by celebrating their own unique beauty and life journey.

Azadeh's own journey as an Iranian-American designer and her desire to make a positive difference by sharing her own story and journey as well as her hope for other women like her is what propelled Azadeh to start Daireh jewelry.

Azadeh draws inspiration from nature and its symbolic representation revered in ancient Persian art. Designing one-of-a-kind jewelry by blending the timesless beauty of the past with modern-day sophistication.

Sacred geometry, ancient symbols, reimagined and crafted into meaningful modern jewelry.


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