Camden Doolittle

Camden Doolittle

My best friend Moire and I were sipping something yummy in a wine bar one evening while humming Eagles’ songs along with the fresh, fun singer. 

At the end of the set, the cute as a button singer approached us. I figured she could tell we were loving her performance. While chatting us up, she revealed she loves to teach kids to sing.

Well now! My then 8-year-old nephew Jack sang night and day. He was just the right age for a vocal coach. And so began a beautiful relationship with Camden Doolittle and her Doo-A-Little Singing Academy. 

Camden eventually met the man of her dreams and moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to the heart of California cowboy country onto a little farm with a big garden and lots of chickens.

Covid forced her to take her academy virtual so she could continue to be a light to so many aspiring young singers. But now, she had more time on the farm so she started to utilize her creativity to create these fun, up-cycled whiskey and wine barrel band hearts.

Her hearts are a labor of love. She created something to add to the farm-style life they had begun. Camden (and I) would love her hearts to bring JOY to your home! These hearts can add that spark to any occasion, such as, baby showers, engagements, weddings, birthdays, the garden, a room in your house or like mine, over the bench on my side patio!

Each is created by hand, with love, from Camden.

Camden and her amour married on Memorial Day weekend of 2021. A week later they were t-boned in their car and suffered life threatening injuries from which they are still recovering. Thank God, they are on the mend, but it is a long journey for this sweet couple. Camden, from my heart to yours, and my heart goes out to you, and thank you for sharing your hearts with us.

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